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Graphic Design

Should a logo be timeless?

On 20 Jun 2013, in Graphic Design

Have you ever asked for a logo design which can stand the test of time? Something that will last forever. Have you ever thought about all those logos that belong to "Mega Corporations"? It seems that they never change. Do they? The most surprising thing that they do and a lot.

The illustration that is offered allows you to see how some of the biggest global brands change their logos from very beginnings to the present days.

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Serif vs Sans. The Final Battle

On 20 Jun 2013, in Graphic Design

Here’s a neat infographic that explains the differences between serif and sans serif fonts. You’ll learn when to use one over the other as well as examples and web usages.

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Infographic: Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2013

On 20 Jun 2013, in Graphic Design

Shutterstock created their first design-trends infographic last year; this time, they took things up a notch, incorporating a lot more data, a lot more images, and a more in-depth look at what they see heating up in the year ahead.

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Website Design and Development Basic Infographic

On 05 Apr 2013, in Graphic Design

Well-known basic website design and development infographic for a client to have in mind when selecting a company to design and develop their website. Infographic can easily be applied to any industry and service. 

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7 Ways To Create Memorable Corporate Logos

On 12 Oct 2012, in Graphic Design, by Alex Noudelman

A professional business should look professional. New business owners often invest a great deal of time and money in buying property and equipment, but often overlook the need to design a suitable, amiable logo.  Mind that the design is the most important aspect of any company logo and cannot be overlooked. It is the first impression consumers get when engaging with your company.

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The Cost Of A Famous Logo? From $0 To $211 Million

On 12 Oct 2012, in Graphic Design

A logo speaks a thousand words and sometimes it costs a penny more than that. It is as essential to the brand as the products it produces. It is the name, the identity, the stamp of quality. Stock Logos has compiled a list that revealed how much some of the world’s biggest brands spent on designing their logos. From Coca Cola to the 2012 London Olympics, you’ll be surprised to find out the costs of these iconic logos.

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The Difference Between Art and Design

On 29 Aug 2012, in Graphic Design

What is the difference between Art and Design? Why has  this theme  been debated for a long time?

From time to time, we hear people use words "art" and "design" as if they were synonyms. But, basically, we should not confuse this two terms because they are not the same.
Art and design are different. The differences lie not so much in how they look as in what they do: They have different purposes and audiences, they are made differently and judged by different criteria.

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Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design

On 30 Jul 2012, in Graphic Design

This blog post focuses on the differences between mobile sites and responsive designs and examines the advantages/disadvantages of both.

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HTML5 Vs. Flash Web Design

On 25 Jun 2012, in Graphic Design, by Alex Noudelman

The release of the iPad in 2010 ignited a heated debate between HTML5 and Flash web designs. Our Toronto web design team sets out to examine which one is better using 4 variables: SEO, universality, loading time and accessiblity. 

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40 Gorgeous QR Code Artworks That Rock

On 07 Jun 2012, in Graphic Design, by Tanya Silakova

The QR Code (Quick Response Code) is as new kind of the barcode that carries information that can be scanned by a QR code reader. It also comes with a deadly boring design. But thanks to reader integration designers are now able to transform its meaningless look into visually appealing designs like the one you see here!

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