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Once in a while we find a company that really supports our business needs. Business Media Andrei Medvedev and Tanya Silakova have provided me with results with the most up-to-date websites for my two companies that allows me to readily manage and change.  My websites are both professional looking and manageable for me to take control of because of Business Media’s technical capabilities and ongoing support.  We have two mobile websites that Business Media developed and linked to our main websites which will bring us the extra visibility needed for our clients to find us. I have many questions and needs, as an interior designer, and want everything to look perfect.  When I need Andrei to change something or have a question regarding the site he is always there.  Tanya too has been of great value for ensuring I get what I need.   I highly recommend Business Media to all friends and family because I have always been so appreciative of their efforts to make sure I get the very best service anyone could ask for. Sharon Renshall view projects for this client

 "The mobile version looks and works fantastic! And it`s received quite a few compliments - thank you for the great job that you and your team did on it." Sheila K. view projects for this client

I chose Business Media to re-build and design my existing website. Andrei worked with me every step of the way with a lot of patience since I`m not a computer genius. Andrei was not only able to implement a new superb design but was able to build very impressive forms, information data to maximize traffic onto new website along with user friendly control panel that lets us remove, change and upload data as we please with only a click of a button, yes I may have paid more then those pre-set websites or websites that are built in India etc. but those aren`t websites that can even be compared to the one business media built for my construction company, hey you pay for what you get! I had a great experience and would happily recommend Business Media to anyone that appreciates quality design and professional workmanship.  Eric Sherf view projects for this client

I hired Business Media to design and activate a website for me, www.understandingchange.org. From the beginning, they were highly professional and efficient. The web developers were fast and proficient. The creative director, Andrei, was quick to answer all my queries and was patient with my suggestions even as I became a bit neurotic at times. He technical support specialist, Tatyana, was kind and proficient. She never tired of responding to my nit-picking and either answered directly or responded within 24 hours. I love the end product. It is quick to open and navigate, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. Thank you, Business Media, for a job well done. Dr. Alber de Goias, Founding Director view projects for this client

Dear Andrei, I would like to thank you and your team for working so diligently in the past several months in developing iBid4storage.com.  It was pleasure working with you and your team, Tanya, Sergey, Alex and Stan.  The entire team was always ready and willing to help improve the functionality, look and feel of the site. I would definitely recommend Business Media, yourself and your team to anyone looking to develop or improve their website. Yehuda Benghiat, President view projects for this client

We credit the amazing web design from business media and the excellent marketing from Wisdek for the majority of our success.  One year later our business is doing extremely well.  We are attracting clients from several cities away and they are driving considerable distances to attend our business even though other services are offered closer to them.  They claim that they come the distance because having reviewed our website and seen first hand how professional it is it is a "no brainer" that Ready Aim Firearms Safety is the only choice to make.  We have exceeded our business goals and expectations in year one thanks to your great work the website has been worth every penny of the investment made to create it. Bruna, Anthony view projects for this client

I found Business Media to be very knowledgeable and professional in what they do. I love my new website and I got a lot of compliments from my patients. I have no hesitation in recommending Business Media to others! Vlad Shustov, Owner view projects for this client

I had the pleasure of working with Business Media to build RateHub.ca. Business Media built a bug-free, high functioning website in a timely fashion. To top it all off, their price was half as much as downtown development shops. I was incredibly happy with their product. Alyssa Richard, President view projects for this client

Andrei, thank you for the great job you and the staff at Business Media have done for the development and maintenance of the Camino website. I’m confident to recommend you to other companies who desire a website with style, creativity and support. Jo-Anne Godawa view projects for this client

Working with Andrei has been a pleasure. He not only implemented our ideas, but also provided useful information for improving the quality and functionality of our website. Business Media is efficient, professional, helpful and talented. We are pleased with the end results and have received a lot of positive feedback and compliments on the website. Thank you again for a job well done. Ruby Newhook view projects for this client

Business Media has assisted in many modifications and improvements to our website. We’ve found Andrei to be very helpful and prompt when responding to our questions and requests for additions or changes. Yvonne MacDonald, Manager, Human Resources view projects for this client

We needed web sites that served two audiences – the general public and our retailer network – we needed the general public and retailers to be able to view all of our products, and our retailers had to be able to view their prices and place orders online! Andrei and his team designed sites for us that met all of our expectations – the work was completed on time, the deployment of the sites was very easy, and the performance of the sites has exceeded our expectations! Most importantly, the feedback from our two audiences has been nothing but positive! Russ Donnelly, President view projects for this client

Several years ago, I hired Business Media to assist me with a small web project.  I was so impressed with both their work and service that I have since hired them for several increasingly complex projects. They have been punctual and professional in all of my dealings with them and I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Business Media for any type or size of project. Sammy Alfadili view projects for this client

Andrei and his staff at Business Media are just fantastic.  Their customer support, professionalism, knowledge, and helpful suggestions can`t be beat.  After two years of working with them, Photos2Win is more than pleased with their services. Janet Daniel, Vice President view projects for this client

BM Media are the best. From the point we decided we need a new website and till about after three month when the website was done we had nothing but GREAT experience with them. Professional staff with great ideas and designs, very attentive to our needs and requests and the final result is beyond impressive !!! We are very happy to recommend this company and we give them 10 all the way !!!  Zvi Nir, President view projects for this client

After the headaches and heartaches we experienced with other web design companies, working with Business Media was simple, easy and timely. We gave them our ideas and they translated them creatively with honesty and integrity. Lucille Liu Avakian view projects for this client

Business Media built an e-commerce.com for ArtBarrage in 2010.  Developed on time and on budget, ArtBarrage.com is a  unique, technically complex site with a clean glitch-free design.  ArtBarrage has grown since inception into a leading internet art services provider. Ronald Mann view projects for this client

Thanks to Businessmedia, we have a sophisticated website that sustains the many unique and varied needs of our school and library business. They are a great team to work with, professional and courteous, in spite of the demanding and challenging specifications put to them. Cherry DiGregorio view projects for this client

Dear Andrei, I have been pleased with the work that Business Media has done for me, since the first occasion some 6-7 years ago. The first web site that you built for us was well designed and worked extremely well for the next 5-6 years. However the time came that it needed to be updated, and I had no hesitation in again engaging you to complete that project. That completion was over a year ago, and again the site is working very well. Comment from our customers has been very positive as to the navigability of the site, as well as to its well organised and informative nature. I must also say that your pricing was very competitive, compared to the cost of another site that was built for a comparable purpose by another web site developer. I wish you well in your future endeavors, and I will certainly be in touch should I in future require any of the services that you provide. Ernie Loch, President view projects for this client